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Newborn Care

After your baby is born, a doctor or nurse will perform a series of tests to determine your baby's physical condition. A routine evaluation, called the Apgar test, is used to identify whether your baby needs urgent medical care. After delivery, your baby will also be given a vitamin K shot, eye drops, and newborn screening tests. Your baby may also receive a hearing test and a hepatitis B vaccine. Even if the baby does not catch, you can squeeze the yellowish colostrum - the precursor of real milk - packed with anti-inflammatory drug in the mouth. The condition of the guests Family and friends will want to visit as soon as possible, but you may want to keep them quiet so that you and your partner can spend time alone with your child. Because the baby is usually alert and welcoming immediately after birth, it is the best time for a relationship, so look him in the eye and talk to him. He knows your voice being in your body and will find it reassuring. Dress your child correctly A fancy dress to go home is unbearable, but keep in mind that babies can control their body temperature up to the age of 6 months. So dress your baby well. In general, he should wear the same clothes as you, indoors or outdoors. Do not overlap it - sweat can cool it. Layers are a great way to go.